Word of Mouth Marketing – A Neglected Online Marketing Partner


Word of mouth marketing was long before modern electronic media began and even before the Internet. It is thus amazing to see that, until now, the two definitions are considered to be mutually exclusive rather than complementary.

What is Word-of-Mouth commercialization?


This type of marketing is also called Word of Mouth Advertisement, which involves actively promoting and influencing an organic word of mouth conversation about a product, brand, resource or even a particular company message or event. You then have to share the news and advocate the key message with your staff, clients or customers. A more popular term for this is that it is called viral marketing.


It is well known that it is the pros to be welcomed favorably once it hits an expected market. It is nevertheless unknown and has a prejudice to a certain category, whether ethnic, cultural, racist, religious, wealthy, poor, etc.


Online marketing requires no introduction, however, as we are attacked daily through blogs, social media and other digital media channels. It is about more formally documenting and enhancing consumer engagement at key stages. It also includes developing a partnership and constantly adjusting to specific customers through multiple channels.


And how does Word of Mouth marketing and internet marketing synergize?


The response is without question affiliate marketing, which consists of selling or supporting the products and services of someone else and accepting payment. This may be physical products through Amazon or digital goods through online marketing sites such as ClickBank. The affiliate basically looks for a product with a strong external or personal appeal and promotes the product or service and earns some kind of incentive.


Companies also urge their employees to warn friends or families of new deals and issue discount coupons, etc. The workers would in turn be encouraged based on the degree of dedication. In this situation, marketing is probably Word of Mouth, but the employee now essentially functions as a “affiliate marketer” for the company.


Online marketing can make people enormous money regardless of the very differences already listed, i.e. race, sex, social status etc. It has a very low entry barrier and a multitude of companies to enter. Another advantage is the global scope, which means that you are definitely not limited to marketing in your local or country area.


If a corporate marketer has a very good product and uses a properly implemented word-of-the-mouth campaign as a free means of exposure it cost considerably less than any paid marketing platform. Potential purchasers prefer to check online before making a purchasing decision for feedback and details. However, a considerable amount depends on friends, family and colleagues before making a purchase decision.


Therefore it is clear that the enormous potential to combine the two principles described above has not been completely explored. I recommend that people look for methods to make extra cash, consider taking care of affiliate marketing and word of mouth to expand their consumer base.


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