The Five Pillars of Marketing Success


Does this give your current marketing operation a pretty good picture?

You have a website, but you’re not very pleased with it. You go once in a while to networking activities. You’re glad to do it if someone asks you to give a chat. You post semi-regularly on Facebook and/or LinkedIn. You submit an article to everyone on your relatively short email list when you have time. You often schedule meetings with colleagues to discuss opportunities.


None of these marketing practices is incorrect now. And they typically contribute to some new customers being landed.


But this is not the way to achieve a constant, reliable stream of new customers.


Please don’t settle me here thinking, “Well, I really can’t do more than this. I’m already stretched thin. If you give me too much to do I’ll get overwhelmed.”


I accept. I agree. Not that you need to do more marketing, you need to move your marketing model from “Randomness” to “Focused.”


Random marketing is just that; it’s everywhere. You’re doing something here and there on an inconsistent basis. You try to keep your face, name and message before your prospective customers, but the results are unpredictable.


The Random Marketing Paradigm is not very successful, as it is not gaining much traction. You do not do enough of one marketing operation to draw your potential customers’ attention and take action.


The Marketing Oriented Paradigm is very different. It is focused on interacting very clearly with a very specific goal to your target market repeatedly. It gets the prospective customers’ attention and they take action.


Five pillars have the oriented marketing model


Understand and incorporate these five pillars, and I promise that you will see a difference in your performance in marketing.


Pillar 1: Based goals


An allegorical intention is to say something like: “I’d like to attract a few more clients to my business.”


A oriented aim is far more precise. “My goal is to land 3 new clients in the high-tech plastics business in the Houston area with an average project size of $30,000 each by the end of the year.”


The greater the detail, complexity and specificity, the better. You have always thought about what you want to do and also believe that you will achieve if your goal is achieved. It’s too true for you to taste it.


What is your marketing oriented goal?


Pillar Two: Software or service based


The generalized consultancy, coaching or training programs are random programs or facilities. “I offer management consulting and training to corporations.” Unclear, right? Yet I hear this all the time.


More concrete is an oriented program or service. “I offer the high-tech plastics industry Management Acceleration Programs for emerging leaders in the industry.”


I have always provided programs in my business: the Marketing Master, the Marketing Action Group and the More Clients Club. And every program has very clear criteria, milestones and goals. It makes it easier to advertise and offer intangible services.


What is your based program or service?


Pillar 3: Focused Consumer Goal


In the above example the aim was ‘the high-tech plastics market,’ but it is more normal to say stuff like ‘I work for big businesses that want to improve productivity.’ This is too generic and makes it hard for consumers to understand whether they understand them and help.


A targeted target market is where you are completely sure what kind of individuals or businesses your skills would most benefit from. And then you simply articulate it.


Last year, I worked with a financial planning firm which targeted middle class families in the New York region of Buffalo. Can you guess who they attracted? When people read about their jobs, they said, “That’s Us!” and they named them.


Who exactly is your target market focused?


Pillar Four: Message based and Value proposal


A random message or value proposition is generally too common and can be difficult to pin. It prevents a guarantee that makes sense to the prospective customer.


Messages such as “We offer the best service in the industry,” or “Smart insights into great management,” are meaningless for the prospective customers. The worth is not instantly evident.


A Based message or value proposal zeros on exactly what the customers get and what this means for them. I agree that this can be the most challenging marketing pillar to pin down. Finally, a variety of different items must be checked.


My present value idea for the restart of the More Clients Club is: ‘All self-employed professionals need to attract more clients in one place.’ And now, of course, I’m bending backwards to deliver this promise.


And a marketing message is much more than a sound bite. Your message should cover every part of your marketing and the emails you send from your website. The value you offer must always be remembered for your prospects.


What is your message or value proposal? What is your message?


Pillar 5: Marketing Campaign Based


A random marketing strategy is similar to the set of marketing activities that I outlined in the post. You are all over, jumping something on the wall, hoping that it will hold, without a structured structure or strategy.


More like a theatrical production, a concentrated marketing campaign. You’ve got the script, the actors and rehearsals, and the opening night.


There are two examples:


I conducted a number of introductory teleconferences for my Marketing Master’s program, invited those interested to apply for the program, questioned each candidate and converted 50 percent into participants. For a span of six weeks, I filled my company for a full year – four consecutive years.


A career coach in one of my programs recently completed her practice in three months with a concentrated email campaign to arrange for appointment with her ideal customers. Then she turned a significant proportion into paying customers.


This is the strength of a marketing campaign based on.


You need to define the correct marketing strategy for your company, but the way you organize and execute the strategy is much more critical.


The most dynamic and demanding of the Five Pillars is the creation of a focused strategy. You cannot actually plan anything haphazardly, and expect that you get a Shakespear professional production equivalent.


What is your marketing plan focused?


If you develop a centered strategy with these five strong foundations, your marketing works better and more efficiently, attracting more of your potential customers, usually at a higher rate.


I advise you to operate at a time on one pillar. Write them out and change them until you feel confident and excited. Yeah, you will have to do some planning and research to ensure that your strategy is viable. But it’s better than spinning the wheels with a random plan that doesn’t matter.

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