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The question is not who will let me, it is who will stop me.”

Human beings without ambition – Farewell and good fortune!


5 Years down the road, I want to be one of the biggest guys in digital marketing a.k.a. The Wolf, I want to ‘crawl’ the platform for intelligent marketing blogs and I want to eat information openly, without hesitation. I don’t mind sharing my knowledge with others who value time and resources.


Like the back of your hand, know the complexities of the whole marketing funnel.


May the Force be with you. Read ahead.




Specialization: leadership Thinking


Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Hollo Bar, the 3 tools known to almost every SaaS marketer, and the founder of Fast Sprout, where he helps companies drive traffic further and sell more online. Neil consults, invests, blogged, and talks around the world actively.


The most notable aspect of Neil Patel’s blogs, regardless of the subject, is his love of analysis, which is so obvious in his posts. Neil focuses principally on analytics to understand consumer behavior to increase conversion rates by monitoring proper market metrics. Analytics:


Actionable: As an entrepreneur Neil is actively exploring and creating innovative and cutting edge internet marketing strategies, while at the same time collaborating with some of the world’s biggest brands. All that expertise is reflected in his blog/newsletter.


This newsletter will provide practical advice on inbound marketing, give you consumer insights, help you leverage research to drive growth, direct you towards managed automation and above all give you a clear perspective on marketing in general.


In 2015, most popular article: how to use growth to attract and retain customers (1.4K Shares)


2. Land Search Engine


Specialisation: SEO + SEM + Marketing for local search


Search Engine Land is a news and information site covering the marketing of search engines, searching issues, and search engine industry. SearchCap is an everyday email newsletter recap of search engine news. It offers a rundown of what happened in the search at the end of every businessday.


SEM & SEO: The subscription to this newsletter will keep you up-to-date with the latest trends in Google and Bing advertising, regardless whether you are tweaking Product Listing ads, adapting enhanced promotions, or change the way the ads are seen on different platforms.


Search Engine Land is launching a new industry prize program entitled “Landy Awards” which recognizes individuals, agencies, and internal marketing teams within the digital marketing community that have demonstrated their excellence in executing bio and paid search-marketing initiatives.


The subscription will also keep you up-to-date on the latest local search marketing news including tips to help small companies, franchises and Neighborhood locations become more prominent in the local search results.


Another positive aspect of SEL is that it publishes search engine news stories all day long so that users are aware of a new article as soon as it occurs. This is great for content marketers who want to keep everything up as soon as it happens.


Most Shared Article 2015: Google Claims More Searches Now On Phones Than On Desktop Official (10.7K Shares)


3. Institute of Content Marketing


Specialization: Marketing content + Branding


The blog, the newsletter features some of the best guest writers and opinion leaders in the field of content marketing. This newsletter is known for its quality and original content. The Content Marketing Evangelist and author Joe Pulizzi would classify it as a blog for brand marketers.


The blog and the newsletter feature a regular post written by Pulizzi and other business leaders discussing content, strategy, and recruiting tips. There is also a weekly rundown of current events on content marketing so that people can learn about the types of content other people put on.


Ressources: The Content Marketing Institute also provides several free tools to build up your personal knowledge and experience including blogs, webinars and archived podcasts.


This newsletter subscription keeps you up to date on one of the most credible and genuine perspectives in the field of content marketing.


2015’s most popular article: How to write content that mobile readers participate in (3.8K Shares)




Specializing in: PR


The critical subscription for a marketing professional is MWWPR’s expertise in all fields and disciplines and its experience in manufacturing solutions & strategies, which make its clients more competitive.


Comprehensive coverage: This is the only newsletter covering PR. It covers all aspects from consumer lifestyle marketing to LGBT marketing and presents left-brain technology with right-brained content, which is not elsewhere.


Study: This newsletter explores a variety of concrete observations and realistic approaches to build highly efficient communication techniques using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research.


Strategy: It lets you achieve a strategy behind tailored communications plans and stimulates customer habits that are important to your company – product transactions, brand recommendations and the stakeholder’s long-term commitment.


This newsletter offers you a realistic understanding of establishing working contacts with the media, analysts, and other influencers that drive conversations in the market. It provides you with the latest knowledge and skills required to collaborate with influencers to build your own groups, perform original research, plan events and establish partnerships.


5. Nation marketing


Digital marketing + Martech Specialization


This is a sister site in Search Engine Land. This newsletter will keep you up-to-date with news, opinions and information about the latest interactive marketing. Every email newsletter will complete all that Marketing Land has written about the problem during the previous week, including links to the news, columns and other topics.


Quite well-classified: This newsletter covers a broad variety of subjects from show to search, from mobile to analytical. The subjects of the newsletter are well-classified and give users the ability to select the products they choose. It’s one of the few big blogs/newsletters that cover niche topics such as retail, marketing, marketing etc.


Hottest news: The newsletter for Marketing Land covers the latest trends and strategies in the dynamic marketing ecosystem, giving you the advantage to start moving with the latest changes and exploiting the upcoming products and tools for the benefit of your brand and consumers.


This newsletter regularly provides innovative, original and shared ideas and is the one-stop shop for digital retail news and figures, expert perspectives, guidelines and actionable insights.


Most shared 2015 article: What the Unofficial Death Of Google+ (7.2K Shares)


6. Weekly Adweek


Specialization: Promotion of brands


I don’t think twice until you suggest that AdWeek is the solution. An ad covering strategy, data and branding targeted to CMOs and top marketing professionals. Adfreak, Adweek’s official blog is an excellent repository for brand marketers and exclusively covers the best and the worst advertising.


Brand Marketing: Subscription to this newsletter will keep you posted in the intersection of advertising, media and technology on a wide range of issues related to Branding and Advertising.


Viral Content: AdFreak is a joint project of Adweek’s staff to chronicle all the latest and greatest ad campaigns in the world. Instead of AdWeek’s straightforward style, AdFreak presents its contents in a comical and cynical manner that reminds you of the great defamers.


Adfreak is a daily blog with the best and worst in media marketing and design, a piece of must-read news for marketing professionals, agencies, creative professionals, and advertisers.


In 2015, the most discussed article: What is branding? This thought-provoking video tells you in just two minutes (11.1K Shares)

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