Do You Make These 5 Marketing Automation Mistakes?


The automation of marketing has become a crucial method for companies of all sizes. It will help you achieve a competitive edge and retain it. Speed up sales efficiency. Furthermore, allow you to contact more personalized messages at the right time. You will then establish good ties.

However, not every method of marketing automation is the same. Very few currently have all the necessary equipment in a single service kit. If so, you can integrate system components from third parties that can cost you time and money, especially when things go wrong along the way.


That is why it is important to know first of all what a complete marketing automation system is all about.


Automation marketing is a program based on a server that incorporates various technologies.


4 Most effective automation tools for marketing campaigns


First of all, it contains a CRM to capture, store and use contact information. To segment your contacts by individual fields and tags, actions – for example opening e-mails and clicking links, plus shopping.


Secondly, it provides an integrated e-mail, text, postcards and tasks messaging system. This allows you to send any message to contacts based on a date, actions, buy and more.


Third, it has the versatility of eCommerce. It combines order pages with a single-click shopping form and payment gateway. Moreover, if you want, you can combine with a shopping cart. Most of all, processes focused on good or missed purchases, subscriptions, test times, payment schedules, coupons and more can be automated.


Fourthly, it needs a campaign developer who helps you to make every communication with measurable outcomes on a customized journey. This enables you to build several opt-in, sell, upsell, downsell and retention strategies.


Additional functionality can be supported by a marketing automation system such as Ontraport. This involves marketing monitoring, which advertisements, landing pages and e-mails produce the most economical results. Membership and networking website to help you maximize the number of clients and revenue. Landing page and form building so that you can create professional sites in minutes. And a lead router and scoring system that assists and turns you and your sales team into customers.


The three major advantages of a marketing automation system are that you can tailor it for your business. You can run several marketing campaigns 24/7 at the same time. Moreover, you can automate contact-specific processes on your journey. However, you can also make marketing automation errors along the way.


Automation marketing mistake #1: Sending emails to contacts that have not opted in.

Automation marketing requires emails dependent on authorization. This means that you send e-mails to contacts who allow you to send them information. You can get permission any time you touch your machine. However, it is a breach of SPAM rules to import a list or to add contacts manually to your marketing automation system. If you do this, even those who give you permission will compromise the distribution of emails.


Automation marketing mistake #2: not maintaining an active communication database

You have to keep them involved even after you get a contact to opt-in. That means that you need to send them emails continuously with relevant content in order to reach them at least once a week. Otherwise, you will be missed and the few emails you send cannot be opened. Over time, they will become less active and decrease the distribution of the whole database by email. A re-engagement campaign is a successful way of getting non-engaged contacts to re-interact with your emails. You get these contacts to tell you whether they want to continue on your list or opt-out. You should keep the communication database consistent and clean.


Automation marketing mistake #3: Relying on wrong metrics

You can calculate the performance of your campaigns with marketing automation. This includes sales conversion, open email and click connection speeds, visits to the landing page, sales, ROI and much more.


Focusing on the wrong measurements can however lead you to confuse the true results. For instance, you can have two campaigns with much higher open rates and lower click rates. However, you will see an entirely different outcome when you measure click to open prices. It is crucial to know the metrics you want to concentrate on to assess progress before beginning each campaign.


Automation Marketing Mistake #4: Not Divided Campaigns

All campaigns vary by contact form, number, content and more. Split research campaigns are the secret to what performs correctly. However, the trick to splitting tests is to only test one variable at a time. Title, price, offer, design or target audience, for example. The winning campaign is the new power. Then you can test other monitoring campaigns.


Automation marketing mistake #5: Do not have a professional consultant on your team

Automation in marketing is both an art and a science. It needs a combination of technical know-how and marketing experience in direct answer. Moreover, an analytical attitude that is not geared towards the business or the product. That is why it is best to have an independent contractor trained in your team with the tools for marketing automation. Design the plan and develop the company’s custom automation framework. Moreover, to train the team with the method.

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