Planning for the Discovery Meeting for Your Free Marketing Plan


If you plan to take advantage of the offer of a free marketing plan, understand your living conditions before having a discovery meeting with an advisor. Your consultant will then create your free marketing plan, which includes suggestions on what other marketing services can help your business.

What is a Discovery Meeting?

The discovery meeting brings you and marketing experts together to discuss the various marketing services offered. They will want to better understand your business as it stands and your vision for the future. The marketing consultant will also explain the various marketing services offered so that you can better understand them when preparing the final marketing plan.

What marketing services are offered?

Marketing services go far beyond keyword research and website optimization. It can include brand development, SEO consulting, telemarketing services, email marketing, white papers, publishing, etc. The marketing plan does not create a path from point A to point B; it requires a dynamic method to determine the impact on your demographics and then create a multi-channel marketing network for your brand, product or service.

What do I need to prepare?

To prepare for a discovery meeting, you must first use the online form or chat option or contact by email or phone. They will have to briefly introduce your products and services and then schedule a discovery meeting. For the discovery meeting you will want to bring the following:

• Existing marketing plan or strategy
•analysis report
• SEO strategy
• Product / service description
• Development instructions
• Demographic information

Marketing experts can review this information and ask more specific questions to understand the best marketing services to include in your plan.

What is a marketing plan?

The marketing plan is an overview of the multi-channel approach you should take to develop and retain your prospects. It can also include brand development calls and demand. If your existing strategy is successful to some extent, but you want to evolve, then the marketing services it suggests may be more focused on customer relationships, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and telemarketing services.

What happened next?

After your discovery meeting, your consultant will finalize and complete your free marketing plan for you. After reviewing the plan, it is time to decide to implement the strategy. This may include an analysis of your competition to begin identifying the priorities in your marketing area that require the most attention first. These strategies are considered dynamic and allow for SEO performance data analysis that you should collect and monitor regularly. By using your marketing plan to guide you in delivering effective marketing services for your business, you can quickly increase your influence, influence, and retention rate.

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